Is your child creative and sensitive but struggling with unhappiness, worry or behavioral issues?


I have seen the emotional ups and downs that can lead children and parents to exasperation and despair. The sleepless nights and frequent arguing. The stress and fear of not finding a way out.

Hope is possible. I love this work because I get to see kids and families grow and thrive. I believe that transformation can happen when children and their families are provided with compassionate support and guidance.

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How can I help?

Here are some of the services I offer:

  • Therapy for children, teens, young adults and parents who are struggling with anxiety, depression and/or behavioral issues.

  • Therapy for gifted and twice exceptional children, teens, young adults and families

  • Group therapy for gifted children and teen girls

  • Presentations for schools, parenting groups and other events to help decrease the stigma around child and family mental health and offer helpful tips and techniques for managing emotional and behavioral difficulties